Friday, March 22, 2013

Waking nightmare

In our pain and sadness; we may lose our selves. Bizarre, allegorical tale of loss, dreams and visions of other selves.

Henri is being assailed night and day with dreams of a car accident someone/he has been involved in. He begins to investigate as his dreams and visions show him images of a family he has never known
The nightmares merge into the day. Scrapbook images of twisted metal and burning trees. Rolling over and over, the seat belt burning into his neck. A piece of metal with a rubber edge pierces his stomach exiting his back. One of the windshield wipers. Looking down where his legs should have been were parts of the motor. Huge chunks of metal cover his legs.

Someone is talking but the words fade. There is the infernal noise of metal being cut and ripped apart. The smell of poison, sulfuric. His eyes water and tasting the blood in his mouth, he gags and starts to vomit.

Another voice brings him back.

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