Monday, September 09, 2013

3 fantastic Stories

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An exciting collection of three of our stories in one book.
1) Display Image Below
Carol receives a blank email with an image placement marker. She clicks on the link: Display Image Below. The image springs into life before her eyes and the world changes forever. A future of horror and a bizarre mystery awaits her. Love, hate and a trail of blood is in every image she begins to receive. Her worst nightmares appear in her email. Within those images there is a menacing shadow. She hesitates but can't resist opening her email again and clicking on the link: DISPLAY IMAGES BELOW?
2) Confiscated
A very special kind of pawn shop.
At stake is the willingness to trade one thing and...
You will be guaranteed everything you desire!
Of what value is your soul? 
There are the dealers, Jason and Sammy who long ago began the business of making dreams come true.
There are the creatures, barely human who hunger for the power and the energy of an unprotected soul.
This is the story of Ariane who pawned her soul for a song.
There is a state of being between here and there. Confiscated where nothing is what it seems to be.
3)Waking Nightmare
In our pain and sadness; we may lose our selves. Bizarre, allegorical tale of loss, dreams and visions of other selves.
Henri is being assailed night and day with dreams of a car accident someone/he has been involved in. He begins to investigate as his dreams and visions show him images of a family he has never known.

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